goddess assembly retreat: boundary and breath

Friday, October 25th-Sunday, October 27th

Okay, questions. Do you feel blocked in any aspect of your world? Do you tend to feel burnt out every few months (or all the time)? Do you feel undervalued at home or at work? Do you notice that certain people drain the hell out of you? Do you attract the same emotionally unavailable person in all of your romantic relationships? Do your relationships end the same way? Do you feel like your life is happening to you instead of walking through your days with a sense of wonder and wholeness? Do you feel disconnected from the people around you?

If you answered yes to any of these (or all of them),
you might need a boundary tune up. 

Sometimes our souls can fall into faulty wiring and we confuse boundaries with walls. Walls “protect” us by not letting anything in, but they don’t let anything out either. Walls create distance and disconnection. They lack explanation, they prevent flow. They make our bodies tense and our energy stagnant. Boundaries are LOVE.They are respect in all forms. They are a two-way street. They are open communication, safety, and trust. They build energy in our bodies and wipe out fatigue. They are EMPOWERING. They make our relationships deeper, our sex lives better, and they can even make us more money.


The Goddess Assembly Reatreat: Boundary & Breath will take place
October 25th-October 27th in a stunning mountain home outside of Denver. We will convene to explore where our boundaries are out of alignment with our highest purpose and best life, we will do breathwork to open up any energetic blocks we have within our boundary systems, and we will relax and take in the wisdom of nature that surrounds this special place.

This three-day retreat includes lodging, gluten-free meals, breathwork, one acupuncture treatment, daily deep dives into how you can arrive fully in self love through boundary work, insane views out of the massive windows, and relaxing soaks in the custom hot tub.

Retreat Investment: $625
You may secure your spot with a $250 deposit. 

There is an option to stay overnight on Sunday night if you'd like to take some time to integrate what you've taken from retreat. The additional night is $150 and includes dinner and breakfast the following morning.

All retreat participants will have their own bed, however I can not guarantee a private bedroom unless you would like to attend with a friend. The rooms are massive and have their own bathrooms, and there is plenty of space for privacy in the house and during our daily schedule.

For more information, questions, or to secure your spot for this magical weekend, please respond to this email. Can't wait to see you!