The Meditation Program at Ubuntu Wellness is going swimmingly and we would LOVE to have you join us. The Women’s Collective will begin again in the fall.

  • The Women’s Collective: A bold-hearted, open-minded group of fabulous women coming together to explore a common theme, meditate, and have fun. The series will run for 6 weeks at a time and will focus loosely on a chosen book. Each week will be different, but every session will include a meditation. The next series will begin in July. 
  • Online Meditation Series: If you live far away from the clinic, or if you simply do not have the time to attend group meditations, our Online Meditation Series is a wonderful alternative. Our program in June will be The Bravery Project, and the focus will be on navigating life shifts with empowering ease and strength. The series will run for four weeks, and includes a daily email with a meditation and a journal activity. Participants will be asked to take part in a group phone call once a week for one hour. Course begins whenever you’d like to start. Cost: $25. Send us a message to get started.


Katie will be assisting with the Nurture and Nourish Series at Baby + Co this spring, and her teachings will focus on regulating hormones post-partum. For more information, please contact the clinic or visit Baby + Co.

Katie will be reading tarot cards on a bi-weekly basis at Sugar Bakeshop in Denver. Stay tuned for more details.