Empowering Women. Optimizing Fertility.

After three miscarriages, I was told that I would never have a baby. This news was devastating to me, as I had always had regular periods and felt that I was in good health. I heard about Katie from a friend, and by the end of our first visit I felt a glimmer of hope. Katie held my hand and supported me while I learned about my hormones, how to change my diet, and how acupuncture could help me have a baby. Every month she showed me how my treatments had improved my health and what the next steps towards conception were. Our daughter turns two this month. —Steph K.

Through stints of working at Planned Parenthood and as a labor and delivery doula, I began to understand two profound truths: That a woman’s body is powerful beyond measure, and that women are rarely taught that their bodies are powerful beyond measure. Our menstrual cycles are an uncomfortable nuisance, a physiological mystery. We are taught that cramps and PMS are “normal”. We have no idea what endometriosis or PCOS are until we are diagnosed with having them. And we are conditioned to believe that when we’re ready to get pregnant, it should happen quickly and easily—and when it doesn’t, we feel as though we have failed at the one thing our body was designed to do.

At 38, I tried IVF twice and got negative pregnancy tests both times. I was depressed and worried I would never have a baby, not to mention we were out a lot of money. Katie looked over my medical records and health history, and asked if I’d be willing to put my next transfer off for three months and work with her. She felt confident that I would be able to conceive with some fine tuning. Sure enough, after three cycles I went in for another transfer and now I am six months pregnant and so grateful. —Jenn L.

The truth is that it’s more common for women to struggle to conceive than it is to get pregnant right away, particularly women in their 30s and 40s. The culprits? Stress. Environmental toxicity. Underlying gynecological disorders. Nutritional imbalance and inflammation.

Are all of these things fixable? Absolutely. And furthermore, the healthy you will have increased immunity, better sleep, more energy, and a much higher chance of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

This is where my passion lies. I can’t tell you how many women I treat who have been previously told that their bodies will never bear children, or that the chances of them ever being able to conceive are low, but it’s a lot. I can’t tell you how many women are able to have a baby once they learn about their bodies and what they need, but it’s a lot.

I learned more about my body during my fertility treatments with Katie than I ever did in any health class. She made me feel like my PCOS was a hurdle instead of a dead end. The ways I shifted my health trying to get pregnant, and the ways she has helped me recover postpartum…these are lessons that didn’t just make me a mother, but they have made me a better person, a better spouse, a stronger woman. —Sarah S.

At Ubuntu Wellness, I approach fertility by creating an individual health plan based on your health history, your diet, your daily lifestyle, and what you need to feel empowered and capable. I have seen clients in my office, I have worked with clients long distance, and I have helped women conceive naturally as well as increasing the efficacy of treatments associated with ART—Assisted Reproductive Technology, like in vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination—by up to sixty percent.

If you’re curious about how these treatments can help you have a baby, or if you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re in need of some hope, let’s talk about a treatment plan that is right for your needs.