Placenta Encapsulation

Placentophagia--the practice of ingesting the placenta postpartum--is a replenishing medicine that has been practiced throughout history and in many parts of the world. Women who consume their placenta after giving birth experience increased energy, a more consistent and abundant milk supply, stronger immunity, and more rapid recovery from the delivery process. Placentophagia is most widely known for it's ability to prevent and eliminate postpartum depression and anxiety.

Ubuntu Wellness offers timely and affordable placenta encapsulation prepared in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The placenta is cleaned and then steamed, sometimes with blood building Chinese herbs. The placenta is dehydrated and ground into a fine powder, and then encapsulated. Ubuntu Wellness also makes a tincture from a small piece of the placenta tissue. The tincture is a wonderful option for long-lasting medicine, as it can be stored and used for up to three years postpartum.

The fee for the placenta encapsulation and tincture is $150, and turn around time is usually within 24-36 hours. We offer pickup and delivery within the Denver Metro Area for an additional $25-$40 each way depending on your location.

Here’s how it works: Let everyone involved in your birth know that you’d like to keep your placenta for encapsulation purposes. Bring a small cooler with you to your birth, and have your birth team put the placenta on ice following your delivery. If your doctor would like to take your placenta to the lab, please ask them to only take a small piece of tissue. Contact Katie within 36 hours of delivery unless prior arrangements have been made.

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