"Katie came highly recommended to me by a friend who is also an acupuncturist. I started seeing Katie to help ready my body for fertility. I have a history of endometriosis and wanted to do whatever I could to make sure my body was ready to conceive when my husband and I started trying. While fertility was my original motivation for seeing Katie, I have gotten so much more out of my treatments with her! Katie is a skilled listener and has a very compassionate nature. I always leave treatments feeling better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Within three months of starting to see Katie, I had no issues getting pregnant and we are expecting a baby girl in July of this year. I've continued treatments throughout my pregnancy and I know they've contributed to helping me achieve a healthy pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. I can't recommend Katie enough." -Sheila E., 2017

"Three years ago I took my first baby steps in healing lifelong trauma that can only be described as gut-wrenchingly profound. I needed a special kind of healer to walk with me through the maze of physical and emotional pain. That's when I found Katie. She has accompanied me through this forest of grief every step of the way, pushing back branches and helping me find my roots through the pain.

Katie also helped me wean off anti-depressants after 20+ years. I am now med-free and healthier than I have been my entire life. I'm not exaggerating. I highly recommend Katie to anyone seeking healing through acupuncture and gentle guidance for leading a healthy lifestyle. I'm forever grateful for my Katie-healer." -Jill B., 2017

"At 41 weeks pregnant, I was doing everything possible to avoid induction, which loomed at 41 weeks and 3 days, and I had a friend tell me Katie could help with acupuncture and cupping to try to move things along. Katie was amazing and knowledgeable and very flexible. She even has past experience as a doula and was committed to help me have the natural birth I had hoped for. We did a session each day for three days straight and baby Moon came healthily and happily right before her induction time. I had tried everything in the book, but I attribute baby's arrival to Katie's work. Thank you, Katie!" -Amber M., 2016

"I had never tired acupuncture before and last year during my 2nd pregnancy, I was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Katie Stone was able to ease that pain through her gentle and professional care. The true test of acupuncture, for me, came when we learned that our son was breech. I was terrified to have a cesarean birth and had heard that acupuncture could turn a baby. Katie gave me 3 weeks of specialized treatment and when we arrived at the hospital for the dreaded aversion, he was head down!! I am forever grateful to Katie for the care she gave me and my son and for leading path so that I could have the vaginal birth I hoped for. My son just turned 1 and feel blessed to have such a caring practitioner in my life's history!!" -Dominique F., 2016

"Katie's passion, wisdom, ENORMOUS heart and intuition are unmatched." -Marie D., 2015

"I'd been having acupuncture done on my lower back from an accident for a couple years, and my go-to guy decided to do a career switch all of the sudden. I was recommended to Katie by one of my favorite bartenders on a day that I had been in crippling pain. Katie got me in that afternoon for treatment, relieving the pressure in my back and introducing me to cupping. Within 1.5 weeks my back was 100% again, and I went back to my normal once every 4-6 weeks maintenance with her. The cupping is AWESOME - it's like a massage condensed into a shorter time period with better results.

Katie has also worked with me through some pretty significant diet changes that threw my digestion out of whack, as well as some moments of intense work related stress. She always gets my body back on the right track. Not to mention she is the sweetest, most caring healer I have met. She takes a vested interest in each one of her patients. You can't leave her office without feeling loved, calm, and ready to conquer the world.

I highly recommend Katie to anyone seeking an acupuncturist in Denver for whatever your ailments may be."

-Sarah M., 2016